Desert Essence Organics Pistachio Foot Cream- 3.5oz


DESERT ESSENCE: Cream Foot Pistachio, 3.5 fl oz

  • MOISTURIZES DRY SKIN - Organic shea butter used in the pistachio foot repair cream deeply hydrates the skin and restores its softness.
  • SMOOTHES ROUGH SKIN - Organic pistachio nut oil used in the foot repair cream gets quickly absorbed in the roughest skin to softens the area.
  • SUPPORTS SKIN RENEWAL - Organic macadamia seed oil is used in this foot repair cream to help begin the process of skin regeneration.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Desert Essence pistachio foot repair cream is certified to NSF organic standard as it uses 100% natural ingredients.
  • SAFE FOR REGULAR USE - The pistachio foot repair cream can be used regularly as it is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, phosphates, and artificial fragrances or dyes.